Bodyguard® Paintsuit

For a full day of working comfort and protection!

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NEW: improved fit + higher comfort!

Colad Bodyguard offers:

Best protection

• New: 1 % carbon thread for higher antistatic capacity
• Tested according to 1149-3, Method 2: Induction decay time
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Category I according to European Directive 2016/425 Basic PPE protects against minimal risks
• CE Marked / Dust and Lint free
• Protects against overspray
• Tight fit to neck, sleeves and ankles cuffs

High performance

• Perfect fit for all sizes
• Maximum movability
• Efficiënt body heat loss
• Comfortable for the entire working day


• Durable, protected zipper

Attractive appearance

• Grey Color
• Non-transparent
• Representative appearance

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Colad BodyGuard® Paintsuit

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Product features

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1. Washable & Lint/Silicone free

Washable to increase the paint suit’s life cycle and ensure neat appearance. Prevent contamination of your paint job. Its anti-static properties prevent the formation of sparks.

2. Heat regulation

The ultimate heat release material makes sure your body temperature stays at an optimal level. New, 1 % carbon thread for higher antistatic capacity!

3. Soft, highly flexible cuffs

Close tightly around the wrists and ankles to eliminate spray mist and solvents from getting inside. They contribute to high wearing comfort.

4. Back pockets

Supplied with two handy back pockets for storage.


1. Elastic hood

New: Spacious but fitted hood for a more comfortable fit! Easy to close, perfectly fitting hood for extra comfort and better protection around the face. No risk of ropes touching any wet coats of paint.

2. Highly durable zipper

Easy to reach and neatly tucked away to protect it from spray mist for a longer lifespan. Full front zipper and easy access to open on both sides, thus avoids removing the entire suit. Additional protection for the zipper and no risk of the fabric touching any wet coats of paint.

3. Enhanced fit

Guarantees the best comfort and maximum freedom of movement. Perfect fit for each body, because of the elastic fabric on the back, on (arm and leg) cuffs and the high quality paint suit design. With 10-12 sizes there is always a matching paint suit for each body type, from 46 to 64. No more sloppy paint suits that stick to your paint project! Just choose for the perfect fit of the BodyGuard, the best paint suit ever!

4. Clean look

The durable nylon fabric in an advanced gray color does not reflect during the paint job and provides a clean look. The paint suit, designed by professional technical apparel designers, gives you a full day of wearing comfort and clean look.

Colad BodyGuard® paint suit

Available in sizes 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64 5200##

NEW - Colad BodyGuard® Undershirt

The most comfortable shirt to wear under your paint suit.


Colad BodyGuard® Undershirt (Short Sleeve)

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Colad BodyGuard® Undershirt (Sleeveless)

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